About us

We are an international network of Jaguar and Land Rover enthusiasts.

Our goal is to provide the services that other Jaguar and Land Rover enthusiasts need & want; but cannot be provided by dealerships or the usual aftermarket tuners.

Contributors to our network include ex-JLR staff, software specialists, auto electricians, and engineers.

Our equipment:
We use original and genuine Jaguar Land Rover software (IDS, SDD), no “hacked” software is used.

We use customised calibration files which we load into the vehicles, we modify vehicle settings, but the diagnostic software we use is not altered, only “unlocked” to realise its full potential.

We use only original and genuine Rotunda VCM interfaces, no clones, counterfeit or copy interfaces are acceptable for us.

We use high-quality and over-engineered power supplies to ensure stable voltage to the vehicle during programming.

Our capabilities:

We can carry out all dealer-level diagnostics and programming, and have additional capabilities beyond the scope of Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships. Some examples of our programming capabilities include:
- Loading of high performance factory engine tunes (e.g. F-Type V8S tuned to F-Type R output)
- Custom engine tunes for specific vehicles
- Disabling catalyst efficiency monitoring within ECU (for running high-flow catalysts without “minicats”)
- Editing CCF and VID to add/remove vehicle options or accessories, change market specifications
- Reprogramming of rear axle ratio (to change gear ratios without errors / limp mode)
- Disabling stop-start function, DPF, or Pedestrian Protection Airbag System
- Air suspension fault finding and ride height calibration, vehicle lowering
- General diagnostics and fault-finding
- Programming of keys and remotes

Our network:
We have a network of contacts and partners around the world.