Aston Martin 6HP26



Aston Martin uses a variant of the ZF 6HP26 6-speed transmission in VH models;

“Touchtronic” in DB9 to 2008MY (4G43 hardware)
“Touchtronic 2” in DB9, DBS, Rapide, Vanquish, Virage from 2008 (8G43 hardware)

We are able to flash transmission tunes to these models via the OBD port.Transmission tuning is not just for performance, the overall driving experience is improved.

– faster, smoother shifts
– the transmission picks the gear you want
– complete torque converter lockup improves highway economy
– raised torque limiters so you can get all the power to the wheels.

Transmission tunes can be applied in several ways;

– bring your vehicle to one of our locations to be flashed with our equipment
– list of locations HERE

– purchase your own PCMflash dongle & license, and use your own J2534 interface
– information regarding PCMflash HERE

– ship us your TCM and we will flash it on the bench
– contact us for shipping information HERE


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