CCF Car Configuration File, VID Vehicle Identification Block




Car Configuration File (CCF) and Vehicle Identification Block (VID)

The CCF and VID are like the electronic DNA of your vehicle, to add or remove, enable or disable features, market specification or operational functions of your vehicle, the CCF or VID will need to be modified.

For example;

– disable adaptive cruise control
– change headlights from halogen to xenon
– change audio system specification from base to premium
– add/remove accessories
– disable steering column lock
– disable air suspension
– change market variant, JAP to AUS, USA to EU, etc

We can edit and modify the complete CCF or VID for your vehicle.

VID Block vehicles
Jaguar X202 S-Type 2002-2007
Jaguar X400 X-Type 2001-2009
Jaguar X350 XJ 2003-2009

CCF Vehicles
Jaguar X150 XK/XKR
Jaguar X250 XF/XFR
Jaguar X351 XJ/XJR
Jaguar X152 F-Type
Jaguar X260 XF
Jaguar X760 XE
Jaguar X761 F-Pace
Jaguar X540 E-Pace
Land Rover L319 Discovery 3/4
Land Rover L320 Range Rover Sport
Land Rover L322 Range Rover
Land Rover L359 Freelander 2
Land Rover L550 Discovery Sport
Land Rover L358 Range Rover Evoque
Land Rover L405 Range Rover
Land Rover L494 Range Rover Sport
Land Rover L462 Discovery 5
Land Rover L560 Range Rover Velar
Land Rover L663 Defender

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