Engine Conversions



Have you lost an engine and are looking to swap in something else?

Usually this question comes up from 3.0L diesel owners, and the first answer we give now is a 2.7 conversion. But how does that work?

Basically, you strip both the 3.0 and the 2.7 down to long motor of bottom end & heads, and transfer everything that bolts on from the 3.0 onto the 2.7, now there are some differences where the EGRs mount, and the oil separator line at the back of the motor, these are solvable problems of course.

So you end up with a twin-turbo 2.7, running all the 3.0 components; manifolds, turbos, injectors, etc… then we have a specially modified version of the 3.0L engine tune to accommodate the reduced capacity. You’d never know it was a 2.7 in the end…

That’s the simplest & cheapest way out, but if you want to do something else then we’ve helped pioneer some interesting conversions;

3.6L TDV8 into Discovery 3 & 4 (from 2.7 base)
4,4L SDV8 into Discovery 4 (from 3.0 base)
4.2L supercharged V8 Discovery 3 (from 4.0 or 4.4 base)
5.0L supercharged Discovery 4 (from 5.0NA or 3.0SC base)

These conversions are done (electronically) as if the vehicle was built in the factory that way.

In principle, other conversions would be possible, from the software/electronic aspect at least;

Discovery 5 4.4 (from 3.0 or 2.0 base)
Velar 4.4, F-Pace 4.4 (from 3.0 or 2.0 base)

We haven’t tried those yet but in theory should be possible.

No mismatched VINs, no compromises. If you are serious about making a project like this, CONTACT US!



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