Virgin PCM engine control module for JLR

Recently we expanded our capabilities of virginising used PCMs (powertrain control module) for JLR vehicles so that they can be programmed to the vehicle as a new module.

This has proved to be very beneficial for workshops and vehicle owners alike, as new PCMs are expensive, often $2000 or more, and some PCMs for older vehicles are no longer available new. 2nd hand modules usually cannot be programmed to the vehicle without a lot of messing around.

We can now do essentially all petrol & diesel PCMs for JLR vehicles from ~2005 to ~2020; Bosch, Denso, Siemens/Continental, virginised without opening the case of the PCM, no soldering, no transferring of chips, no potential for damage or mistakes.

The virgin module can then be programmed to the vehicle as new with AutoLogic, SDD, Pathfinder, etc.

Aside from an economical alternative to buying new (if still available), it is also a useful and now relatively inexpensive diagnostic test; change out the PCM, if it doesn’t fix the problem it’s no longer wasted money as that PCM can be virginised to “as new” state again, whereas in the past it was a one-shot and done scenario.

Two recent examples of where this has solved a problem, and saved money;

2008 Discovery 3 4.0L petrol V6; random misfires which moved around from cylinder to cylinder, after replacing all coils, plugs, injectors, engine harness, finally a used PCM was sourced, virginised & programmed to the vehicle, it now runs perfectly.

2010 Discovery 4 3.0L diesel V6; fault code for boost control & restricted performance at low rpm & load, replaced turbo, bypass actuator, throttle body, hours of smoke testing & other diagnosis, finally a used PCM was virginised & programmed to the vehicle as new, and the fault was gone.

We are building up a a stock of Virgin PCMs in Sydney, currently on hand are;

Land Rovers

L319, L320, L322 pre-2010MY
2.7 & 3.6 diesel, 4.0, 4.2SC & 4.4 petrol

L319, L320, L322 2010MY-on
3.0 & 3.6 diesel, 3.0SC, 5.0 & 5.0SC petrol

L405, L494
3.0 diesel, 3.0SC & 5.0SC petrol


XF 2.7 diesel & 4.2SC petrol
XK/XKR, XF/XFR, XJ/XJR 5.0 & 5.0SC petrol
XF & XJ 3.0 diesel, 3.0SC petrol

If we don’t have a PCM in stock you can source it yourself and we’ll take care of the rest, or we can source it for you. Just to remind these are only the ones on stock, essentially any PCM for any JLR vehicle can be virginised now.

Cloning is also possible however we recently came across one vehicle where cloning transferred the fault from the old module to the new one, so it’s generally better to start from scratch with a blank/virgin module where possible.

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