Tuning Aston Martin ZF 6HP26 transmission

We’re pleased to annouce we have expanded our TCM tuning capabilities to include the 6HP26 in Aston Martin models.

“Touchtronic” in DB9 to 2008MY (4G43 hardware)
“Touchtronic 2” in DB9, DBS, Rapide, Vanquish, Virage from 2008 (8G43 hardware)

We are able to flash transmission tunes to these models via the OBD port.

Transmission tuning is not just for performance, the overall driving experience is improved.

  • faster, smoother shifts
  • the transmission picks the gear you want
  • complete torque converter lockup improves highway economy
  • raised torque limiters so you can get all the power to the wheels.

Most interesting for us is the difference between Touchtronic in the early DB9’s, and Touchtronic 2 in the later models. Actually there is no difference at all in the hardware, it’s all in the software, and we can make an early DB9 drive like a later model with just a transmission tune.

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