We’re pleased to announce another breakthrough with our own in-house engineering tool UDS by OldJaguar.

We can now virginise the electric power steering racks (PSCM) in JLR vehicles, that you can fit a used rack assembly complete and it can be programmed to the vehicle just like a brand new one, with correct VIN, calibrations & steering tune.

Until now fitting a used PSCM was 99% sure to be a drama show, but not anymore. With brand new racks retailing for $7500 these days, I am sure you and your customers will be pleased to learn there is an economical and simple alternative.

We can do PSCM for Land Rovers up to the end of the “existing” models, so L494, L405, L462, L538, L550, L551, L560. At this time we realise that the racks in the new models L460, L461 & L663 are different, but as soon as the opportunity comes up we will get onto it.

Jaguar models from XE, XF, E-Pace, F-Pace, F-Type, later XJ’s are no problem either.

Source yourself a complete rack assembly from your favourite wrecker, and we can virginise & program it with it installed in the vehicle via OBD, no need to break factory seals, swap motor assemblies or otherwise compromise the replacement unit.

Or it can be virginised on the bench to be programmed later on with SDD, Pathfinder, etc, once installed in the vehicle.

It is also possible to use rack assemblies from the same model but different model year; e.g. a rack from 2016MY L494 fitted into 2014MY L494.

This is a proven solution, today we programmed a 2nd hand rack to a 2017MY L494, works perfectly with no fault codes or surprises.

This programming service is available in Sydney, and the capability will be available to our interstate and overseas partners too.

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