UDS Engineering Tool


The UDS Engineering Tool is a new and exclusive software tool developed by oldjaguar.com in 2023

A professional-level tool for workshops and specialists, not for DIYers, the UDS from OldJaguar provides capability beyond what the OEM level diagnostic tools such as JLR-SDD or Pathfinder could deliver.

Core objectives
– convert second hand modules to “virgin” state so they can be programmed to a vehicle as new
– wiping or overwriting hard-coded configurations such as VIN
– flash specific calibrations to existing modules
– read out calibrations/data from modules for cloning
– provide service routines not available with other tools
– conversion of modules from 29bit to 11bit CAN & vice-versa
– load JLR calibrations to Ford OEM modules
– to work with newest JLR vehicles without needing a Topix-Cloud subscription

To install used, second-hand modules to repair vehicles, because;
– new modules no longer available
– new modules available but cost is not viable as a repair for vehicles of low value
– reducing waste; reuse, recycle instead of scrap

Make repairs easier
– instead of opening a module & de-soldering components, can flash in non-destructive manner
– reduce the need for multiple tools
– faster and more convenient working
– via OBD2 port for modules in vehicle, or direct on bench for single modules
– work with the module if it is already installed on a vehicle

Make upgrades, modifications and conversions easier
– Engine or gearbox conversion simplified
– Retrofit process simplified
– Flash modules with different software to as-built configuration / IVS

– Windows PC, 64bit OS, with internet connection
– Licensed & registered users only, with online connection
Note: for security reasons it is working only if internet connection is present, however if flashing is already underway the process will complete even if internet connection is lost
– Uses Scanmatik SM2 interface for bench and OBD2 connections, other J2534 devices on request
– Flexray vehicles can use generic ENET cable, or J2534 via GWM

Example Applications
– Virginise used PCM and flash to vehicle (with calibration, VIN, CCF, immo)
– Virginise used PSCM and flash to vehicle (with calibration, VIN)
– Virginise used TCM and flash to vehicle (with calibration, VIN)
– Virginise used BCM and flash to vehicle (with calibration, VIN, CCF, immo)
– Virginise used IPC and flash to vehicle (with calibration, VIN, CCF, immo, odometer)
– Network integrity check, HS-CAN, MS-CAN, 29bit & 11bit, MOST, Flexray via Gateway Module
– Read/clear DTC’s in modules
– CAN logger
– Service routines; clear adaptations, oil service reset, DPF replacement, DEF reset, etc
– Load new, old, and custom calibration files; .vbf & .bin
– Read & write Car Configuration File (CCF), variant configuration
– Forced recovery mode if the module was bricked by SDD/Pathfinder (bench only)

This is an ongoing project and more functionality will be added over time, please CONTACT US  for more information.

UDS = Unified Diagnostic Services, according ISO 14229-1


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