Rotary Gear Shift Module GSM



The Rotary Gearshift Module GSM in various Jaguar & Land Rover models is a novel and interesting device, but unfortunately it’s become prone to failure.

Most common faults;

– dial does not rise
– dial locked in Park or other gear
– dial does not unlock
– gearbox not in Park message
– fault codes like P176C-11

Repairs include;

– resoldering dry joints
– replacement of damaged gears/cams
– correct reassembly of mechanically jammed units

All rotary GSM modules can be bench-tested for diagnosis, and to confirm correct operation and “burn-in” after repairs.

We have a number of used & refurbished GSM on the shelf for a quick turnaround, or bring your faulty GSM in for testing & repair.
The repair/exchange service is run out of our Sydney, Australia location.

CONTACT US for further information.

BH42 = L319, L320, L322

EH22 = L319
EH2M = L319

CPLA = L405
DPLA = L405
EK52 = L405
GK52 = L405
HPLA = L405
HK5M = L405

BJ32 = L538
EJ32 = L538
GJ32 = L538, L550
HJ32 = L538, L550

8X23 = X250
9X23 = X250
CX23 = X250
DX23 = X250

8W83 = X150
BW83 = X150

AW93 = X351
DW93 = X351
GW93 = X351

GX73 = X760, X260
HX73 = X760, X260, X761
JX73 = X760, X260, X761

Note at this time the 2017MY-onward Jaguar GSM HX73/JX73 version cannot be repaired, only tested.


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