Diesel engine tune


Looking for better throttle response, rapid acceleration, more torque for towing, improved drivability and better fuel consumption?

We offer tuning for most JLR diesel engines.

4.4 SDV8 – up to 810Nm
3.6 TDV8 – up to 730Nm
3.0 TDV6/SDV6 – up to 700Nm
2.7 TDV6 – up to 520Nm
2.2 DW12 – up to 470Nm
2.2 PUMA – up to 440Nm
2.4 PUMA – up to 420Nm
2.9 M57 L322 – up to 440Nm
2.5 Td5 NNN – unknown, but they sure go well!

Our tunes were developed in the “factory” philosphy, by our own people, not bought files from anonymous web sellers. 100% in-house, our own product. Extensively road-tested, and proven in hundreds of vehicles over the years.

Our tuners analyzed every single JLR factory tune & picked out the best characteristics, before applying further tweaks & adjustments. Throttle mapping from a Jaguar, applied into a Land Rover. Factory torque limits & protections from high-power factory tunes remain for reliability & safety.

Emission related faults such as EGR, DPF & DEF/Adblue can also be addressed for off-road-only use.

Transmission tunes can be applied in several ways;

– bring your vehicle to one of our locations to be flashed with our equipment
– list of locations HERE

– purchase your own PCMflash dongle & license, and use your own J2534 interface
– information regarding PCMflash HERE

– ship us your TCM and we will flash it on the bench
– contact us for shipping information HERE



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