Petrol engine tune


are the global leaders in tuning Jaguar Land Rover petrol engines. Countless hours of development & testing have given us a unique edge over the “mainstream” tuning companies.

Established tunes for;

5.0 V8 AJ133S supercharged
5.0 V8 AJ133 naturally-aspirated
4.4 V8 AJ41 naturally-aspirated
4.4 V8 M62 naturally-aspirated
4.2 V8 AJ33S AJ34S AJ40 supercharged
4.2 V8 AJ33 AJ34 AJ40 naturally-aspirated
4.0 V6 Cologne
3.5 V8 AJ33 naturally-aspirated
3.2 i6 Si6 Volvo / Land Rover
3.0 V8 AJ126 supercharged
3.0 V6 AJ30 naturally-aspirated
2.0 i4 Turbo GTDi

Give an older vehicle a new lease on life, or turn your supercharged gentlemens carriage into a 0-100 or 1/4 mile monster.

We have hit the highest legitimate dyno numbers for the 5.0L supercharged AJ133S.
Our 4.2L XKR test hack is the fastest & quickest of it’s type in the world.
We’ve made Range Rovers faster than Jaguars, and Jaguars faster than they should be…

If this sort of thing excites you, then you’re talking to the right people.

Engine tunes can be applied in several ways;

– bring your vehicle to one of our locations to be flashed with our equipment
– check locations HERE

– purchase your own PCMflash dongle & license, and use your own J2534 interface
– information regarding PCMflash HERE

– ship us your PCM/ECU and we will flash it on the bench overnight
– contact us for shipping information HERE


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