Old Jaguar Engine Tune


We have some ongoing projects for reverse-engineering the engine management in older Jaguar engines.

Current projects;

Denso PCM for AJ26/AJ27 V8
Lucas/Sagem GEMS6 for AJ16/AJ16S
Denso PCM for 6.0 V12

If you have interest, please CONTACT US.


The Rover V8 Lucas 13CU, 14CU, 14CUX are already quite well documented, likewise the GEMS 8, so those are not on our project list.

Lucas Td5 ECU’s, MSB and NNN variant are not pursued, although we have a nice tune for the NNN’s. MSB units you need to find someone with Rovacom… Lucas MEMS is otherwise not pursued.

Bosch M5.2.1 aka Thor for the 4.6 & 4/0 Rover V8 are already covered by others.

Bosch ME7.2 and DDE4.0/EDC15 for L322 Range Rover with BMW engine are already covered.


As a side note We have a source for repaired & upgraded ECU’s for older V12 & 6 cylinder Jaguar engines.
Lucas 36CU, 26CU, 16CU, 6CU for V12, incl Magnetti Marelli cars. also Lucas 15CU, 9CU for AJ6.


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