ZF 6HP26 & 6HP28 TCM part numbers

When looking for a replacement TCM to suit your Jag or Land Rover 6HP, it’s important to note the different versions & part numbers, only particular modules are suitable for each application.

This is particularly important when trying to find a replacement Bosch TCM to fit in place of a faulty Continental 5WK75020AA TCM.

The part numbers and variants for JLR & Ford 6HP TCM from Bosch are listed below;

6HP26 GS19.02 M-Shift
Jaguar X202 S-Type, X350 XJ, X103 XK8/R
ZF 0501213094, 0501213414
Bosch 0260550001, 0260550011

6HP26 GS19.04 M-Shift
Jaguar X150 XK/R
Land Rover L319, L320, L322
Ford Falcon & Territory
ZF 0501213727
Bosch 0260550008

6HP26 GS19.04 E-Shift
Jaguar X250 XF 2.7, 4.2, 3.0
Aston Martin V803 DB9 6.0
ZF 6058007071
Bosch 0260550024

6HP28 GS19.11 M-Shift
Land Rover L319, L320, L322
ZF 6058007117
Bosch 0260550041
(alternative to Conti 5WK75020AA)

6HP28 GS19.11 E-Shift
Jaguar X150 XK/R, X250 XF/R, X351 XJ
ZF 6058007115
Bosch 0260550043

These Bosch TCM were used in various other vehicles, BMW, Audi, etc so if you search out the ZF or Bosch part numbers, it will help you to find one. Note that BMW sometimes used GS19.11 with 6HP26 transmissions, so there may be some crossover. The 6HP19 and 6HP21 TCM are not interchangeable to 6HP26 or 6HP28 though, due to mechanical differences.

Continental 5WK75020AA were used on the 2010-2012MY Land Rovers, and are failing often enough, unfortunately at this time we are unable to clone these Conti TCM, so it’s not possible to take one from a BMW and convert it (why would you want to anyhow). The Bosch alternative is much better, if not harder to find.

If you source a Bosch 0260550041 TCM for your 6HP28 we are able to virginise it and it can be programmed to the vehicle as a new module. Alternatively we can write the correct VIN & software calibrations to a supplied TCM, so it will be plug & play to your vehicle.

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